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CMCA is a member of ACSI. Please visit their website for more information regarding the benefits of a Christian School Education.


Please help our school by getting involved with these fundraising activities. Growing Local Learning


Each member of CMCA\’s staff is a dedicated Christian, committed to Christian Education. All desire to assist parents in teaching their children and believe each child to be a gift from God, nurtured for Him.

School Principal
Mrs. Pat St. Hilaire

Daycare & After School Care
Teacher: Mrs. Marie Castonguay

Teacher: Mrs. Jessica Cossaboom
Assistant:  Mrs. Rachie St. Hilaire

Teacher: Mrs. Rachel Legare
Teacher: Mrs. Bonnie Garman

 First and Second Grades
Teacher: Miss. Julie Corff
Teacher: Miss. Amber Cossaboom

Third and Fourth Grades

Teacher: Mrs. Landis Bornales
Assistant Teacher: Mrs. Becki Quimby

Fifth, and Sixth Grades

Teacher: Mrs. Pat St. Hilaire
Assistant Teacher: Miss. Becca Chabot

Seventh and Eighth Grades 
Teacher: Mrs. Denva Corff
Assistant Teacher: Miss Lauri Corff

Ninth, Tenth, Eleventh, and Twelfth Grades
Teacher: Miss. Megan Corff

Other Teachers
Bible Teacher: Mr. Dan Corff
Science Teacher: Mr. Mike Nyberg
Math: Mr. Scott Russell & Mr. Roland Chabot
Music Teacher:
Art: Mrs. Deborah Prescott & Mr. Scott Russell
Health: Mrs. Diana Drown
History: Mr. Roland Chabot
Computer: Mrs. Becki Quimby

We would also like to thank the many other volunteers from the families of the students that attend Central Maine Christian Academy and other members of the Central Maine community that help teach our students the ways of Jesus Christ.